Closures in Swift

Closures are a big part of Swift and until yesterday I didn’t know anything about them. A closures is a self contained block of functionality. In fact, functions actually are closures, however, not all closures are functions. One of the benefits of using a closure is that it can store information about variables and constants … Read all the goodness

Classes and Initializers

This last week I have spent some time getting back into Swift and learning a little about classes, structs, and initializers. Classes and structs are very similar. Both allows you to store information, run functions, and define initializers. With classes you have to define your own initializers. Classes are a bit more powerful than Structs, but I … Read all the goodness

Tidbit Magazine


Now that I am about to start my last quarter of design school (!!!) I am started to look back on my work and decide what I do or don’t want in my portfolio. I figured since I haven’t been the best at posting my projects as I go, this is a good time to … Read all the goodness



Sightglass is a connected vision board. It was a five week project that I had the privilege of working on with Adam Boehmer. While vision boards can come off a little “woo woo” the idea is basically just have pictures of what you want to achieve to remind you and keep you focused. Our goal … Read all the goodness

Laboratoria: A new game for girls


Laboratoria was the first of three projects that I did for my Interactive class this quarter. I work with Erin Oostra, and Kelsey Marshal to create an app that would get girls, and keep them interested in STEM subjects. During the three weeks that we had to finish this project we conducted research to find out … Read all the goodness