Obsessed with game colors


About a month ago I was fortunate enough to go to PAX.  I saw fortunate because they sold out mad fast, but one of Kris’ coworkers had some extra tickets. Since then I have been a bit obsessed with how awesome so many games look. I mean, I have always liked games, but leaving there I wanted to do nothing but cozy up and play some of these lovely games non-stop. Luckily, for my newest project in my Interactive class I get to design a online magazine about games, specifically a magazine for aspiring game designers. This means, I get to drool over game blogs and call it research.

As part of my “research,” I gathered photos of a bunch of indie games that I found inspiring . A lot of these were games that I saw at PAX, but some other ones I found by going down a rabbit hole. I ended up compiling the photos together and creating a color palette for the magazine based off of some of these games.  It’s interesting to see the trend in colors since I only have one game on the board twice. I wonder if this is a trend that is showing up elsewhere or is more specific to the indie game industry. Either way, I love the colors, and I will be sharing more on this project as it progresses.