Every Weather

Mockup_5SSince I posted last I have made a few changes to the look of my weather app. I decided that I wanted to make it more personal, and a bit for fun. Since my time at school is coming yo an end, and my portfolio show coming up, I decided to base the design on the show branding. The app is called Every Weather, based on the show name All Everything (All Every Weather was just too long).

Although I was originally going to design the icons myself, I was getting pretty excited to be back in the swing of things with Swift and I didn’t want to spend the time creating a set when so many people have made wonderful icons to share. The icons that I ended up using were found on Graphic Burger, and included about 40 different icons. My favorite, which I ended up using as the backup icon when there is no icon found is a meteor speeding towards a planet. Great right?

Here is my updated look and feel. I can happily say that it looks pretty great on the iPhone 5S, 6, and 6 Plus, thanks to using auto layout. Auto layout is an incredibly useful tool that is available in Xcode that I am going to talk about in a future blog post. Stay tuned!