Tidbit Magazine

Now that I am about to start my last quarter of design school (!!!) I am started to look back on my work and decide what I do or don’t want in my portfolio. I figured since I haven’t been the best at posting my projects as I go, this is a good time to reflect and show what I have been doing the last two years (buuuuuut, I probably won’t show too much from last year, sorry!).

Although it seems like every quarter is crazy, I think fall was by far the worst. During that quarter we focused on WordPress development, a quarter long Art Direction class, a quarter long Magazine class, and I was trying to learn Swift, a totally new language and way of thinking for me. While everything presents a different challenge I found that magazine was the hardest for me. It was a very challenging experience, but it is one that I can look back on and say that I learned a significant amount. I hope to go back and and on to my magazine and add more, as well as polish up my micro-typography, but before I do that I thought I would give you a keep at what it looks like.

Meet Tidbit magazine!! Tidbit is a magazine for young women who enjoy vintage, DIY, and the fun things in life. It is my print answer to the popular lifestyle blog movement that you seen in blogs like A Beautiful Mess and Studio DIY.