Sightglass is a connected vision board. It was a five week project that I had the privilege of working on with Adam Boehmer. While vision boards can come off a little “woo woo” the idea is basically just have pictures of what you want to achieve to remind you and keep you focused. Our goal with Sightglass was to create a clutter free vision board that allows you to gather content¬†in real life or online, have multiple boards in one place, an change depending on the time of day.

In our initial research, we found that many people use websites like tumblr or pinterest almost like vision boards, however, they would create a board and forget about it, thus defeating the point. This is because with these sites you have to remember to visit the board, instead of having the board their to remind you. With Sightglass, we wanted to take the convenience of these services but add a level of intimacy that you have with a traditional vision board.



The glass


 The app



We were able to work with the amazingly talented Nelle Clark to shoot our promo video and I couldn’t be happier with the work.

If you would like to see more of the nitty gritty of our process feel free to visit our deliverables site. There it shows the interactive prototypes, wireframes, all of our screens, and basically anything else we did while working on this project.