Laboratoria: A new game for girls


Laboratoria was the first of three projects that I did for my Interactive class this quarter. I work with Erin Oostra, and Kelsey Marshal to create an app that would get girls, and keep them interested in STEM subjects. During the three weeks that we had to finish this project we conducted research to find out about girls in STEM and research into the current toys and programs to get girls interested. After that we created paper prototypes, wireframes, an interactive prototype that we were able to user test with a classroom of 5th graders (it was amazing!), a website, and some marketing materials.

For a quick overview of the app, checkout the website here.




Our initial research

Within our research we found that some of the main reasons that women are less likely to be working in STEM careers:

• Negative stereotypes affect their confidence
• In college, women are more likely to get B’s and think they are low marks and don’t below and therefore drop-out, while men who receive C’s will stay in.
• They are less likely to be pushed towards those subjects or steered away
Science, math, and coding are seen as very solitary jobs and girls and • Scientists are often portrayed as a man in a white lab coat. This makes it less likely for girls to associate with that role.
• No female STEM role models
•Women feel out-numbered and out of place

Our goals for the app were to make STEM, particularly engineering, fun for young girls, allow them to envision themselves in the role, and make the app social so they will be more likely to play with their friends.

 Empathy Map


 Paper Prototypes


User Testing





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For a simple walkthrough of the app click here to see our Marvel Prototype.