Sunup: Prototyping!

Here is a look at some of my paper prototypes. As you can see, they are a bit of a mess, but they help me think through the app and the whole process. I love working within the phone templates so I can get a good look and feel for the size, while I am sketching. Also, they make you feel pretty snazzy when you have a stack of completed screens in front of you when you finish.


While I was working on the paper prototypes, it made the most sense to have the app have essentially two main screens, the story screen, and the alarm screen. There are of course more screens that include setting and the task flow for setting your alarm, but the user would primary use the two screens.

Currently, the app is setup so that a user can toggle between the two screens using the icon on the top left. If they are in the story section, they can scroll through a collapsed version of their daily content. This would show article synopsis and the first photo of a daily artist or their first quote. They could then tap on any item to see more. They could then tap again to go back to their previous state. If there are several photos or items it will cycle through what is there. I still need to user test these prototypes and solidify exactly what content will be available.

I’m excited to see the app finally taking shape!