Finally a name!

Wow! The quarter is over and time flew by fast. I realize that I haven’t been sharing too much about my app so I think I have some filling in to do. For started, my app has a name now. Instead of just being called the “Good Morning app” I have decided to name it Sunup. I decided on the name based upon some feedback from alumni, as well as spending too much time on, and looking around and seeing what domains are actually available.

While I will admit that naming isn’t¬†something I’m very good it, I am pretty pleased with it. A few of the other names that I considered were: just calling it “the good morning app” I mean I already was anyways,¬†Bright day, and one suggestion that I got and really liked was H.A.N.D. or Have A Nice Day. I ended up choosing Sunup because it is short, positive, and has to do with waking up.

I am still searching for a domain that works well. is taken, but I am considering some other options, such as or something else along those lines. I’ll share when I get my domain!