I’m going to learn Swift


I’m now in my second week of my second year of design school, which is a little weird. This quarter I have Art Direction, Interactive, Magazine, inDesign, and Special Topics. Special Topics is an interesting class because you essentially pick something that you want to do, create a plan for yourself, and then do it.

For my Special Topics project, I have decided to spend the quarter learning the new programming language Swift. Swift was just introduced by Apple back at the beginning of summer. It is used to create iOS apps and works by itself or with Objective-C, a pretty old language that is currently used to create apps. My plan is to spend the next 10 weeks going through a list of tutorials, creating little apps from them, and altering the apps from the tutorials so I have a better understanding of how the language works. Throughout the quarter I am going to be posting my notes and explaining what I am learning on here.

Here is a breakdown of my learning plan so you can follow along. I will also be posting resources on here as the quarter progresses.



My goal is to have a working understanding of Swift. By the end of the quarter I would like to understand the core concepts of object oriented programming, have a thorough understanding of the basic concepts of the Swift language, feel comfortable creating small apps on my own, and understand how to dynamically pull content into an app.


Plan Overview:

I plan on achieving this by working a minimum of seven hours per week out of the classroom completing several series of tutorials, reading parts of the Swift documentation, creating multiple small apps, and reiterating what I am learning with others on my blog.


Week 1-2

Complete Sam Bensley’s Swift iPhone Development for Beginners 6 hours of tutorials

Watch tutorial about launch screens

Read through The Basics in the Swift documentation

Know the proper names for the different items in the code (ex: the name of a variable)

Write one or more blog posts explaining key concepts in Swift


Week 3

Read up on Sprite Kit

Checklist app. 40 minutes

Timer app or drawing app


Week 4

Tetris app. This is just text so the time depends on my pace.*

Snakes and ladders app. 1 hour 40 minutes


Week 5

Flappy Bird app. 40 minutes

If this proves easier than I imagine than I will create a more custom version.


Week 6-8

Complete Brian Advnent’s advanced Swift tutorial series. 14 hours of tutorials

Further explore concepts that are learned in the series, particularly how to create news feeds


Week 10

Create simple app from scratch (without the aid of tutorials), ideally an alarm clock app.


Week 11