Have a nice morning

Last week when I was starting to brainstorm for my app, I thought it would be wise to make a list of things that make for a delightful morning. Here is my little list of what makes a good morning.

  • Feeling happy
  • Your favorite song
  • A good quote
  • Fresh air
  • Having a cup of tea
  • Breathing in the fresh air
  • Spending a little time with a friend
  • Having something that you are excited about
  • Knowing something great is ahead of you
  • Sunny weather
  • Smelling good (hah, not sure what I had in mind there. I swear I’m not that stinky)
  • Looking good
  • Hearing a good story
  • Laughing hard
  • Taking a moment to look at the sunrise
  • Having cookies for breakfast

Have a great day you lovely person!