Good Morning App: Focus Group

Last week I conducted a very casual focus group with a few of my peers. My goal was to broaden my horizon on this project. I went into this project with a very specific idea in mind for how my app should work, and what it should do. Although I don’t know if I will be altering that idea, I really wanted to get some feedback from potential users and what they might want or be interested in.

From my group I found out that some people are pretty split on the idea of reading versus sound in the morning. Interestingly enough, I talked to five people, two men and three woman and the men both really liked the idea of using sound to wake you up in the morning, while the woman thought that it would be disruptive to others (either their partners or their roommates) or would simply make them fall back to sleep.

During our time, here are a few of the ideas that people came up with:

– A mini language lesson
– Another sort of class or lesson
– A mini podcast (about 5 minutes)
-A continuous story. This was meant to be audio, but could work well both ways
-A message to your future self. The idea was you record a message to yourself to convince your future self that you need to get out of bed
– Some sort of a puzzle game, think Luminosity

In addition to hearing new ideas my group felt that keeping the content quality over quantity was very important. If there is too much content for you to look through in the morning then you might spend too much time in bed, or it would just become another overwhelming feed.

Even though it was a laid back and short focus group, I feel like it was very beneficial to hear feedback from people and get some new ideas spinning.