Good Morning App Research: Part 2

This week I created a very short survey and had some of my family, friends, and fellow students fill it out. While the answers from the survey didn’t surprise me much, they did confirm some of my original thoughts.

The survey that I created was only five questions, multiple choice. I had 78 people responses.  I learned that less people than I expected use their cellphone as their alarm. Also, most people who use their cellphone use the standard alarm that comes with their phone. While I don’t find this surprising (after all, I’m the same way), but that does mean that I would have to put extra effort out there to have people want to use my app. Make it known, easy, and very desirable.

I also learned, that less people than I expected (although still a good amount) spend time looking at their phone in the morning. Many people snooze once or twice, and then get out of bed.

Here are some more detailed on my results:

Do you use your cellphone as an alarm clock?
73% of people said that they do, while 27% don’t

When asked whether or not is was a specialty app or their standard cellphone alarm:
92% said they use their standard alarm.

In the morning:
49% of people snooze once or twice and then get up, 19% get up right when their alarm goes off, 15% turn off their alarm but stay in bed, and everyone else either snooze more than twice before getting up (13%) or do something else.

After people turn off their alarms they reported that they usually:
Get out of bed immediately (41%), look at social media (22%), lay in bed without reading anything (11%), or do a number of different activities from listening to music, reading the news or checking their email.

Out of the people who read something in the morning most people were left feeling pretty “blah”
Between a scale from 0-10, with 0 being bad and 10 being good, people averaged 5.94 with how their reading made them feel.

My next step is to brainstorm some ideas for my app. I am going to create paper prototypes and complete some simple user testing. I’m excited to see what I come up with and what people think. :)