Good Morning App Research: Part 1

It is week two back to school. I have spent last week looking though other alarm clock apps, sending out a survey to my friends and family to complete, and generally doing research for my app.

I want to create an app that will help people wake up better. There are a lot of apps that allow you to wake up to different sounds or your own music. These often include the phone being used as a flashlight or some other addition aspect.

My users are millennials with somewhere to be. They are either in school or have a job. Either way, they are tied to their smart phone. They likely wake up using their phone and then spend time reading on it for a few minutes before getting out of it.

When researching different apps I learned, unsurprisingly that there are about a bazillion different alarm clock apps. This is funny because most people who took my survey reported that they use their native alarm clock (more on my survey in a future post). While there are endless amounts of apps, the ones that I was seeing were mostly unattractive and just different variations of how the alarm goes off.

Rise & Shine: Out of all of the different alarm clock apps, Rise & Shine was the only one that I thought interesting enough to download. Rise & Shine is a fun concept and is well designed. To turn of your alarm in the morning the app makes you smile (a big smile). It then takes a picture of you and saves the photo, just in case it is a good one. The idea behind it is that by starting your day smiling your day will be better.

Wake and Shake: Wake and Shake is an alarm clock app that gets you moving in the morning, shaking in particular. When you alarm goes off, you have to shake your phone hard for a set amount of time.

Carrot Alarm: Carrot is a “sentient alarm clock app.” Basically, the app talks to you to get you out of bed. Sometimes it is friendly, sometimes it isn’t. Similar to a lot of the other apps that I was seeing, Carrot isn’t free, it costs $3. Unlike many other the other apps, it seems to have a nice, clean design.

Night Terror: Night Terror is a free alarm app created by The Horror Channel. I basically had to add this on my list because I thought it was pretty surprising, but certainly not for me (I’m a wimp). If being scared is your thing, you can wake up in the morning to things like the eerie sound of whispers, or go to bed to horror stories. There is also a “panic button” that you can press that will “release you from your nightmares,” but also post a cry for help on your Facebook.

Red Clock: This is a very simple alarm clock. It doesn’t have any gimmick (that I know of). The main draw for Red Clock is that you can customize it’s appearance and be able to get easy updates like the weather.

After looking through a plethora of alarm clock apps I saw many different version, but nothing close to what I want to make. Although I do plan on making my app free, it got me thinking about the different pay structures that one could use for something like this in the future, as well as how much I should be focusing on the features in the alarm clock versus what happens after you stop snoozing.