A new quarter, a new project

Well hello there. I’m back to the blog business. This quarter I will be posting less about Swift, instead I want to do the UX/UI for an app that helps people wake up better. Personally, I hate mornings. I find that I use my phone as an alarm, snoozing for way too long. Then, I look through social media until I feel like my “brain is working.” Frankly, this isn’t the best way to wake up. Even though we all (ok that’s an assumption) spend way too much time looking through social media, it normally doesn’t leave you feeling the best. I want my app to solve that problem, allowing you to wake physically and mentally in a more pleasant way.

In addition to doing the UX/UI for this app, I am going to continue learning swift. I plan on spending at least 2 hours a week practicing Swift and going through a new set of tutorials on Udemy. Depending what the tutorial or lesson is on I  am going to try to post the the blog about it. Ultimately, my goal is create this app and have it in the app store by the time I graduate so it is important that I get my knowledge of Swift up to snuff. (where does that phrase even come from?)

Here’d my plan of action for the quarter:

Week 1
State my problem
Research competitors
Research top apps to see stylistic trends and pricing structures
Create a survey
Define user

Week 2
Brainstorm possibilities
Sketch wireframes for full app (I will likely prototype an ideal version of the app, however, due to my coding abilities I may create a paired down version and plan to expand to the full version later)
Finish weather app

Week 3
Create a customer journey map
Create paper prototype
Have three people user test

Week 4
Make changes to paper prototype
Have two people user test
Repeat this multiples times if needed
If this phase goes quickly move on to the next week and spend more time on swift

Week 5
Create simply designed, but fully interactive prototype using pixate.
Test the prototype with two users
Repeat this multiples times if needed

Week 6
Come up with a moodboard
Create a style guide
Decide on a name
Sketch 25 different logo ideas

Week 7
Start designing UI of the app
Pick three different logos and create three different polished iterations of each

Week 8
Continue UI of app
Prototype user onboarding process
Test onboarding process

Week 9
Finish UI of the app, including the user onboarding process
Choose a logo
App should look polished and include an icon, launch screen

Week 10
Create a finished, presentable, prototype including everything
Gather all of assets into one presentation/place