Good Morning App: Focus Group

Last week I conducted a very casual focus group with a few of my peers. My goal was to broaden my horizon on this project. I went into this project with a very specific idea in mind for how my app should work, and what it should do. Although I don’t know if I will … Read all the goodness

Good Morning App Research: Part 2

This week I created a very short survey and had some of my family, friends, and fellow students fill it out. While the answers from the survey didn’t surprise me much, they did confirm some of my original thoughts. The survey that I created was only five questions, multiple choice. I had 78 people responses.  I … Read all the goodness

Good Morning App Research: Part 1

It is week two back to school. I have spent last week looking though other alarm clock apps, sending out a survey to my friends and family to complete, and generally doing research for my app. I want to create an app that will help people wake up better. There are a lot of apps that allow you … Read all the goodness

A new quarter, a new project

Well hello there. I’m back to the blog business. This quarter I will be posting less about Swift, instead I want to do the UX/UI for an app that helps people wake up better. Personally, I hate mornings. I find that I use my phone as an alarm, snoozing for way too long. Then, I … Read all the goodness