Avoiding Blogging

Hey there, long time no talk. I have been pretty busy lately avoiding blogging. Not the best thing to do, especially since I need to blog for class, but so it is. I have decided to focus more on brief updates and tidbits from my notes, since creating larger blogposts takes longer and therefore wasn’t … Read all the goodness

A brief intro to Xcode

Hi guys, welcome to my first post in what will be an ongoing series about learning Swift and Xcode. I am brand new to coding (aside from HTML and CSS) and I am going to be spending the next few months going through tutorials and learning Swift. After that, I am hoping that I will … Read all the goodness

I’m going to learn Swift

  I’m now in my second week of my second year of design school, which is a little weird. This quarter I have Art Direction, Interactive, Magazine, inDesign, and Special Topics. Special Topics is an interesting class because you essentially pick something that you want to do, create a plan for yourself, and then do … Read all the goodness