Stopwatch App


Hi and hello. Monday was Presidents day which means that the school was closed and we had the day off. To celebrate Presidents Day (or because I needed the practice) I spent a little time doing a Swift tutorial. I had originally wanted to make an alarm, however, I wasn’t able to find any examples … Read all the goodness

Adding raw values to enums

One of the great things about enums is that you can add a raw value to them. The raw value is essentially a nickname. The raw value can be an int, bool, string, or any other kind of data type. Raw values can be useful, if you want to find out something about the value … Read all the goodness

Enums in Swift and a little about life

As you know, last quarter I spent time focusing on learning Swift. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up getting as far as I wanted (isn’t that always the case?). Even worst, is that I have been neglecting Swift. While this can work alright if you are already comfortable with something, since I am so new to … Read all the goodness

Changing your status bar color in Swift

  I want to share a very short tutorial with you today. It’s how to change the color of your status bar on your app. You know how they are often times white, but by default when you see what you have built in the simulator it shows up as black? It’s easy to change … Read all the goodness

Swift Checkin

Hey there, just wanted to check in and share some of my progress on Swift. This last week I re-watched some videos on getting acquainted with Xcode. After that I built the functionality for a simple app that generates a random quote every time you tap the button. I haven’t made it look pretty yet, … Read all the goodness