Creating an alert

If you have ever owned an iphone then you have seen an alert message. These are essentially popups that are standard for iOS. An alert message pops up on your screen and lets you know something (hopefully) pretty important. While working on my weather app I learned how to create an alert message letting a … Read all the goodness

Every Weather

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Since I posted last I have made a few changes to the look of my weather app. I decided that I wanted to make it more personal, and a bit for fun. Since my time at school is coming yo an end, and my portfolio show coming up, I decided to base the design on … Read all the goodness

Networking and Concurrency

Networking Networking means making a network request. This is a request for data from online. Currently, the most common way to make a network request in Swift is to use NSURLSession and the classes associated with it. You can look up and find out more about NSURLSession in the documentation. When you are making a … Read all the goodness

Closures in Swift

Closures are a big part of Swift and until yesterday I didn’t know anything about them. A closures is a self contained block of functionality. In fact, functions actually are closures, however, not all closures are functions. One of the benefits of using a closure is that it can store information about variables and constants … Read all the goodness

Classes and Initializers

This last week I have spent some time getting back into Swift and learning a little about classes, structs, and initializers. Classes and structs are very similar. Both allows you to store information, run functions, and define initializers. With classes you have to define your own initializers. Classes are a bit more powerful than Structs, but I … Read all the goodness