One crazy idea

dribbble shot copy 3

Welp, it’s been awhile. I have since graduated school, gotten a job at Microsoft, left that job, and designed an entire suite of software and then some. I’ve been thinking a little. Part of me wants to pull this whole blog down and start again, fresh template, new domain, wind in my hair. Things will … Read all the goodness

Sketchbook peepshow


    This quarter, for our poster class we were required to turn in a sketchbook. This made me a little nervous at first, because, well, sketching makes me nervous. I decided to have my sketchbook have a twist to it, I would paint it all. I have always been drawn towards painting, but I … Read all the goodness

A girly start

Summer is coming to a close, and on one hand I can’t believe where it went, but luckily, on the other hand, I’m pretty excited for what the next year will bring. I’m going to keep this post short and sweet because I have a bit of code brain right now, but I wanted to … Read all the goodness