My Weather App


A little show and tell I have spent the last two weeks working through some tutorials on treehouse to build a weather app. The app shows the weather for a set location (none of this fancy checking your location business), let’s you know the humidity, precipitation, the temperature, a summary, and shows a little icon … Read all the goodness

Finally a name!

Wow! The quarter is over and time flew by fast. I realize that I haven’t been sharing too much about my app so I think I have some filling in to do. For started, my app has a name now. Instead of just being called the “Good Morning app” I have decided to name it … Read all the goodness

Have a nice morning

Last week when I was starting to brainstorm for my app, I thought it would be wise to make a list of things that make for a delightful morning. Here is my little list of what makes a good morning. Feeling happy Your favorite song A good quote Fresh air Having a cup of tea Breathing … Read all the goodness

Oh no! My photos are gone!

As you may or may not have noticed my blog currently has no photos. This isn’t so bad on some posts, but where they are used to explain how to do something I know that it is awful. I’m so sorry! I’m currently in the process of moving everything from my old site over here, … Read all the goodness

Obsessed with game colors

  About a month ago I was fortunate enough to go to PAX.  I saw fortunate because they sold out mad fast, but one of Kris’ coworkers had some extra tickets. Since then I have been a bit obsessed with how awesome so many games look. I mean, I have always liked games, but leaving … Read all the goodness